Large salmon plate

Five varieties of salmon/trout, two sauces, salad and boiled potatoes

205 kr

Poké Bowl

with marinated salmon, cashew nuts, sriracha mayonnaise and jasmine rice

184 kr

Salted rainbow trout

with green salad and potatoes in a white sauce flavoured with dill

196 kr

Salmon plate

Cold smoked and marinated rainbow trout, mustard sauce and boiled potatoes

169 kr

Poached cold salmon

flavoured with dill, caviar sauce, pickled cucumbers, salad and potatoes

205 kr


Lightly grilled salmon sashimi with pickled muchrooms, wasabi cream, truffle pickled shallots, furikake and jasmine rice

173 kr


Hot smoked salmon

with rainbow trout caviar sauce, green pea mayo and boiled potatoes

205 kr

Creamy salmon soup

with tomato, saffron, star anise, hand -peeled shrimp and bread croutons

165 kr

Fish & Chips

with deep fried salmon, french fries remoulade och tomato salsa

199 kr

Salmon Caesar salad

with deep fried salmon fillet

185 kr

Grilled salmon fillet

with crayfish and shrimp topping, lemon butter sauce, smashed new potatoes and herbbaked tomato

229 kr


Vegetable lasagna

with garlic- and yoghurt sauce, served with salad

158 kr

Grilled black-smoked pork side

with mashed potatoes, baked tomato, truffle pickled shallots and red wine sauce

220 kr

Cauliflower soup

with chili-roasted vegetables and croutons

152 kr

Caesar salad

with grilled chicken fillet from local farms

179 kr

Veggie Bowl

with hummus, cashew nuts, sriracha mayo and rice

184 kr


Cold smoked salmon

with rainbow trout mustard sauce, boiled potatoes, cucumber- and carrot sticks

88 kr

Hot smoked salmon

with rainbow trout caviar sauce, boiled potatoes cucumber- and carrot sticks

88 kr

Salmon Fish & Chips

with mayo, ketchup and cucumber- and carrot sticks

99 kr

Two pancakes

with vanilla ice cream and jam

69 kr