Most of us are working behind the scenes from early morning to late night to prepare everything that is sold during the day. Every day fresh products are delivered to and taken care of by various departments in the kitchen. Everything from salmon, vegetables and dairy products to wine and dry goods. All goods supplied are controlled according to a specific schedule with various control points so that the products maintain the quality we seek.

Next, the salmon is filleted, sliced, cut or marinated depending on what it is used for. Vegetables are cleaned and washed and then ready to use. During the day, an average of 2,000 meals are prepared in the restaurants, which includes everything from daily specials and salmon delicacies to catering orders and conference meals.


We mainly work with fjord salmon and rainbow trout which we import from Norway where it is grown. In many cases, we prefer the rainbow trout as it is not as fat as the salmon and can therefor be perceived as a little healthier in taste and more solid of the texture.

The fish is delivered whole to Gothenburg's fishing port, where it is filetized by hand, which gives it a higher quality compared to buying off-the-shelf fillets that have gone through a machine. It is then sent to us or to one of the smaller smokehouses we cooperate with.


All the salmon in a cultivation should prosper and be handled according to animal ethics. This is important both for the salmon and for consumers, because salmon stress causes poor meat quality. Salmon, which is a herd animal and therefore does not want to swim alone, must swim where as much as 97.5% of the culture bag's volume is water.


A salmon grows from an egg to full size in between 2 to 3 years. After 10 to 16 months in freshwater cultivations, the salmon is ready to be placed in netboxes in the ocean where it grows for another 14 to 22 months. When the fish reaches a weight of 4 to 6 kg it is fully grown and transported to special slaughterhouses where it is stunned before slaughtering.


If the salmon is going to be smoked, we make sure that it is dry salted, meaning that the fillet is rubbed in with salt and allowed to lie until the right salt content has been reached, after which it is smoked. An alternative to this, as many major smokehouses make use of, is salt injection. This means that a brine is sprayed into the fillet to make the product salt, but it is also a way to reduce the weight loss that otherwise happens through a smoking process. In our opinion, this injection leads to a worse product and therefore we do not use that method.


Cultivated salmon eats dry food in the form of pellets. Each pellet is like a food box with nutrients that the salmon needs. Of all the animals used for food production, the salmon is the one to utilize the fodder most effectively. Today, 1.15 kg of dry food is used to produce 1 kg of salmon. That amount of fodder requires about 2.25 kg of wild fish. That can be compared to the wild salmon that eats about 10 kg of wild fish to grow 1 kg.

All the ingredients in the fish fodder must meet specific quality requirements, which are reviewed by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

More information about Norwegian fish farming can be found on


What we constantly strive for is to improve and maintain a high quality in everything we do, from product to service. We want to be proud of what we do and sell and we will never take any shortcuts that could compromise a good and honest product.

We want to give all our guests a personal and friendly service and the products we make in our kitchen should never have to get added E numbers to get the correct color, flavor, texture or shelf life. Although we produce large volumes we never want to become a factory. We want you as a guest to be pleased with your visit and our products so that you want to come back again and again. Not really rocket science, but merely logical thinking according to us.




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